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Why does @INFORMATION (ABOUT) FILES ... say "restricted JFN"?

I actually sent out a bug note about this the other day, and apparently
forgot to include you in the recipient list:
    Date: 28 February 1982 13:06-EST
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Why does @INFORMATION (ABOUT) FILES ... say "restricted JFN"?
    To: eb at MIT-AI
	Date: 27 February 1982 17:33-EST
	From: Edward Barton <EB at MIT-AI>
	Evidently some obnoxious password is required to run Maclisp on XX,
	so I can't check.  But a year ago, at least, Maclisp DEFINITELY opened
	files with restricted JFNs.  Do Information (about) files at exec
	level after a file has been opened for input, just to be sure.
	Or I would, if I had the password.
    1) Foo, yes, Al Vezza doesn't want anyone ***using*** MacLISP on XX.
    2) I dunno why the INFORMATION (about) FILES command calls that JFN
       "restricted".  I've used MacLISP to open a file both ways -- "frozen"
       and "restricted" -- and the INFORMATION command doesn't make any
       distinction between the two;  however, the accesses permitted are 
       indeed correct, despite the confusing report (i.e., if "restricted",
       then another reader can't gain access).