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[no subject]

Well, it's like this:

(defun foo (zot)
  (mumble zot))

(defmacro bar (baz)
  `( ... ,(foo baz) ...))

; It must be something I'm doing
; elsewhere in the file.

The symptom has now changed!
Instead of deciding FOO is undefined,
it runs FOO on BAZ instead of the
value of BAZ from the invocation
of the macro!

The actual code in question  is the
function SIXBIT and the macro TTYVAR
in the file MC:GUEST5;DEVON LBUG
which feel free to examine, and delete.

The EXACT SAME CODE runs fine when
placed in a file all by itself,
if you could see what I'm breaking
in the LBUG file, I'd appreciate it.

I solved the problem by making SIXBIT
a macro, but I sure am baffled!
I almost think it's the complr not me.