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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 81 17:47:05 GMT
Original-Date: 12/28/81 13:47:05 EDT
    :Binprt sys;ts macsym and :binprt sys2;ts emacs  report Checksum errors.
    Is that really true?  Or does that mean something else?

As I understand the checksum algorithm it is really true.  In fact I
believe that I once determined that whenever a lisp is dumped the
indirect symbol table block at the end of the file is given a bogus
checksum.  I never bothered to report this to bug-lisp (until now)
because it seemed more reasonable to fix binprt to simply report the
error (rather than crapping out, as it used to do).  I suppose the
emacs dumper has the same problem.

    Date: 28 December 1981 14:18-EST
    From: Stavros M. Macrakis <MACRAK at MIT-MC>
    Subject:  Binprt

    Kindly verify :info binprt.

Seems correct to me.