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    Date: Monday, 27 October 1980  17:08-EST
    From: EKILLIAN at BBNA
    Subject: new LISP rubout processing
    Doesn't seem to work when using SUPDUP to get to XX as opposed to
    TELNET.  Perhaps 20X is not setting the bit saying you can move
    the cursor backward on a SUPDUP terminal (because there is no %TD
    code for doing it -- you only have %TDMV0 and %TDFS)?  
    . . .
LISP only copies what VTS can do, and it seems likely that your analysis
is right (i.e., no TC%MOV capability) which would mean no CURSORPOS
capability of any note.  Also, no TC%SCL (or TC%CLR) would mean that
the terminal can't selectively erase, so LISP wouldn't try the  rubout
processing.  As for the echoing of ^L as a sail char, I'm not sure
I understand what is happing wrong.