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My GRTOOL program still gets PDL-OVERFLOW's, and after
as per JONL's suggestion, it gets UNRECOVERABLE ones when p'd.

Let me give the general picture.  I have an s-exp of graphics
commands. X, I do (EVAL X) to print the graph. For a given X sometimes
it will PDL-OVERFLOW, and sometimes it will not.  In other words,
evaluating the SAME unchanging S-EXP does not produce repeatable

There is nothing much on the stack, just want you would expect
from evaluating an expession like (ARDS-SET-POINT 100 100),
for some reason the PDL-OVERFLOW happens inside +TYO.

Jonl, you can run this any time on PLASMA;GRTOOL TEST, page 2
to see what you can see.