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Bug fixed in hairy interrupt table

The following two bugs were due to a "missing fence-post" in the middle
of the hairy interrupt table (the one that demarcates intervals of special
interrupt code action):
From:     GSB@MIT-ML
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 81 05:51:54 GMT
Original-Date: 03/31/81 01:51:54 EDT
Subject: Re: how to reproduce that jump to %ISSW.+n
    (setq tty-return '(lambda (()) ()))
    (progn (sleep 5) (status ospeed))
    Then ^Z and ^P the lisp.  When ddt feeps, try to p it.
    This apparently explains why i see it frequently;  many of my init
    files read (status ospeed), and i often ^P them while they are loading up.
I've tested this out, and it now works ok.  Amazingly, this bug has been
around for months.
    Date: 31 MAR 1981 1628-EST
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)
    I've got a bug that shows up when a lisp which was ^P'd wants
    the TTY and is P'd. A PURGP error results that seems to have
    something to do with the TTY-RETURN and the use of UNWIND-PROTECT.
    To get it do
    .  .  .
    that is, use the test files specified, and alt-p when it wants the TTY. 
I tested this one out too, and it ran ok, with none of the errors which
were visible in the non-corrected version of LISP;  however, the output
file which my test run produced (PLASMA;GRTOOL ARDS) is a little bigger
than the one you (GJC) already had there, which I renamed to GRTOOL OARDS.