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(SSTATUS FLUSH () ) interacting with SUSPEND

I've patched the current LISP/XLISP for this problem
    Date: 26 February 1981 17:05-EST
    From: Edward Barton <EB at MIT-AI>
    I had a file that was SUSPENDed and PDUMPed with (status flush) = NIL,
    but when the PURQIO disappeared from SYS; the dump stopped working
    (complained of not being able to find LISP pure pages).
Trouble was that FLSSTA decided to die when it couldn't find the
PURQIO file, but it didn't even bother to check if it already
had the system pages "in core".  (It still wants to TRY to find the
PURQIO file so that sharing can be done when available, even if
the lisp pages were dumped out).
   EB: I've re-dumped your file AI:EB;TS BACKUP with this patch
in it, and renamed the former version to TS OBACKUP.  As time 
goes by, we can again delete the SYS;PURQIO 1997 file, and
still have your BACKUP winning.