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DECLAREs in MULTIPLE-VALUE-BIND, and spurious "passing thru".

From:     GSB@MIT-ML
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 81 00:11:16 GMT
Original-Date: 02/04/81 20:11:16 EDT
    (multiple-value-bind (a b c) (frobozzery)
	    (declare (fixnum a b c))
    should expand into . . .
    so that the declare is properly placed.
Done, in MLMAC version 70.  Also, the *:ARn variable is now being
SETQ'd to 0 after an explicit multiple-value-returning call, so
that multiple-return-values aren't "passed thru" spuriously.  (This
should only cost 1 extra instruction per MULTIPLE-VALUE -- namely
the SETZM of *:ARn).  UNWIND-PROTECT isn't done, so you could
conceivably lose by random THROWs out of an asynchronous interrupt.