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It does seem that the USERHUNK stuff is the next-to-the-last place i
would expect there to be any need for name compatibility.  (The last
is SFAs.)  By the way, alan, i certainly WOULD say that your defstruct
should accept the colon forms, as the use of that IS a situation where
you want the code to be textually compatible;  but then, i don't use
it (yet).  But :PRINT-SELF seems to be pretty gratuitous.  And
somewhat of a surprise (where is it documented?).  IF you have a layer
between the user-hunk stuff and your code, then that layer can make
all of the textual compatibility changes it wants.  (Then there is the
issue of exactly which names in there need the colons, and which do
not, as they will differ in maclisp.)  The user-hunk stuff provides a
nice primitive functionality;  please don't go messing with a basicly
incompatible facility to try and make it into what it is not.