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Does anyone use LIBLSP;DEBUG and dislike LIBLSP;DEBUG*?

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Date: Sat, 25 Jan 81 10:10:12 GMT
Original-Date: 01/25/81 06:10:12 EDT
    From: RMS at MIT-AI
    Re:   Does anyone use LIBLSP;DEBUG and dislike LIBLSP;DEBUG*?

    If nobody complains, I will flush DEBUG and replace it with DEBUG*.
    I don't plan to maintain it, just to install it.
Do not install it. On MC, the DEBUG FASL on LIBLSP; (RWK's) is different
and has been for years. It evolved from TLP's AI version but is much extended.
It is also the version which goes out on the release tape and everyone here
is quite satisfied with it. There are significant differences between it
and DICK's DEBUG* make it warranted to at least retain the MC version of
DEBUG. If you find people don't use TLP's much, you might want to standardize
the naming so that RWK's DEBUG package is used on all sites, and leave 
DICK's as DEBUG* since anyone now using it will expect to find it under
that name anyway. -kmp