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Another thought on #o

#o and friends could also peek for a trailing "," to help in system 
system programming. for DDT compatibility, an extra "," would be eaten
as well. Hence, the following sorts of things would work:

or even #o1,,

I would recommend that leading spaces be allowed after the "o" but not after
the comma. So that

	(SYSCALL 3. 'FOO #o -1,,0 #o 3,,)

would be a valid form. The sign convention "*" might want to work for
both halves so that you could say

	#o -1,,*2222222222222222222222222222

in order to mean 777... in the left half and the pattern 010 010 010 ... in 
the right half ... 

Note also that if we hair up #o it should be made clear that #8r is what
people want to read normal numbers in base 8 and that #o is especially for
dealing with single-machine-word bits. Currently there is no emphasized
difference between #8r and #o.