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HUNK printer hooks

It is NOT TRUE that the hunk hooks in the new Maclisp are "specific to
a certain use."  Kerns and I have gone to pains to make sure that they
are general.  It IS true that the new features are not documented; I'm
not sure what the plans are for documentation, there is probably more
to say than wants to be said in LISP NEWS, so a file may appear on
LSPSRC; or on one of the info directories.  Contact one of us if you
can't wait for the official word.  We are hesitant to release these
hooks as features, because we don't have the manpower to maintain them
for any purposes besides those of the Nil project, but...

Re the normal hunk printer: KMP tells me that the bug you reported
has been fixed in XLISP.  GRINDEF also does the right thing, which I guess
is to print (cons '(a . b . c .) '(e . f . g .)) as
((A . B . C .) . (E . F . G .)).