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Purcopied code which needs to macroexpand

   Some macros like FBOUNDP that are defined using DEFBOTHMACRO can't
be called inside the compiler, because they consist of pure EXPR code
which hasn't been MACRO-EXPANDed.  When a macro inside this code goes
to displace the call it tries to write on a pure page.  Seems to me
that this is a bug in the DEFMACRO package (it should be more careful
when displacing - this is difficult since we lack a PUREP predicate),
although it could also be argued that either COMPLR (who is guilty of
PURCOPYing EXPR code) or DEFBOTHMACRO (who arranges to avoid the
MACRO-EXPANDsion) is at fault.  I currently get around this by doing
(setq defmacro-displace-call 'macromemo), which I suppose is alright.
   (For all you people out there who wonder what DEFBOTHMACRO is,
don't ask.  It's a feeble Maclisp trick, in search of a better name,
that tries to be similar to the Lisp machine's DEFSUBST.)