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READ modifying characters.

If SETSYNTAX ~ and : to be character macros, and the macros are EQUAL
(not only for EQ, they just need to be EQUAL!) then you get very anomolous
(LIST (READ) (TYI))X~<sp>    ;space to activate....
(X 72)				;X: !?!
(LIST (READ) (TYI))X:<sp>
(X 72)				;At least one of them works!
(LIST (READ) (TYIPEEK) (TYI) (TYI))X~~<sp>  ;TYIPEEK sees it too,
(X 72 72 176)			;But only the first TYI sees it, after that
				;TYI behaves normally
(X 176 176)			;(TYIPEEK T) won't do it, and it only happens
				;to the character that terminates a read.