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    Date: 21 Jun 1978 1021-PDT
    From: RPG at SU-AI (Dick Gabriel)
    There's still a screw in the hiseg stuff. Namely, consider this
    	r nlisp
    	<make up a hiseg system>
    	<save it as mumble>

    	ru mumble
    	<start to add stuff to hiseg again>
    	<other loser runs mumble>

    in this case we end up with two people with the same hiseg although
    one guy is changing it. This was why in the oldio version we named the
    hiseg nnnlsp shifted - so that no one else could attach to it. The
Well, the code from OLDIO was being used, but it was wrong in the fasload
case (perhaps I brooke it at some time, but I don't recall doing so.).

In any case, it should now not have that lossage.  The other remaining thing
to do with NEWIO (other than to fix bugs) is to add the alarmclock stuff
which I didn't put in at my first pass over the interrupt system.  I also need
to test the interrupt system thouroughly.