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more of a question than a bug,  when calls to status and sstatus 
are compiled, do they still have to parse the command name even 
when this is known at compile time.

A similar but more interesting question, re EXTENDS.  there are many
complex ways you might use them certainly possibly including doing new
defclass*s and new defmethod*s on the fly.  However one might very
well just use them to keep the data structures and stuff straight,
with all of the classes and methods known at compile time.  When this
is the case everything could compile very effeciently, because you
could find out at compile time what all of the methods were and
everything, and save a great deal of searching around.  I have the
feeling that no such effeciency happens, and I wonder if anybody is
working on this or not.  I feel it is sad if we have to pay very
heavily in effeciency for a feature that is otherwise very aesthetic
when with a little work we aught to be able to have our cake and eat 
it too.

				Dick Waters