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Previously fixed bug

    Date: 9 April 1981 21:42-EST
    From: Richard Mark Soley <SOLEY at MIT-MC>
    Subject: ;17. Can't get enough STRING space.
	    (load 'debug)
    <<<<<<< ******* MAJOR STRING BUG ******* >>>>>>>
I've already seen this some time ago, and fixed it, although
never explicity said what th proble was.  Since you had to delete
the later NILAIDs earlier tis week, I guesss you were just running
in an out-of-date version.  At any rate, I've made up a new NILAID,
and loaded up your example as noted above, which didn't lose.
Dumped it out as NILE;TS TRYTHIs.  i'll continue to login from time
to time, so if this hasn't finished off th bug, let me know.