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CR convention change

    Date: 25 October 1979 07:27-EDT
    From: Jon L White <JONL at MIT-MC>
    To:   BUG-LISP
    Re:   CR convention change

    Some mail that didn't get forwarded
      Date: 22 Oct 1979 1156-PDT
      From: Dick Gabriel <RPG at SU-AI>
      Subject: Ok  
      What the hell is the new CR change? I assumed, until today, that
      this was only to affect vertical-bar macros. Now it looks like
      it is to be valid in all atoms? If the latter, we object and
      don't want the new code, if the former, sure.
Would you elaborate?  What are your objections?  How strongly do you
hold them?  How do you feel about the change being only inside vertical
bars?  (I think the change is as important outside as inside, but am willing
to at least consider the idea that they should be considered separately).
If the rest of the world did this, are there different conditions at SAIL
(political, operating-system, editing, or whatever) that make it necessary
to be different?  If it were made SAIL-only for outside, and everybody kept
CR's in vertical bars, I can't see any real problem with transportability,
so my main objection to SAIL doing whatever they want wouldn't hold in that

Care to fill us in on the rest of your opinion on this issue?