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Sprinter lossage

From:     gjs@MIT-AI
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 79 05:28:51 GMT
Original-Date: 06/18/79 01:28:51 EDT
    To: (BUG LISP) at MIT-AI

    (SPRINTER '(RUN-SCHEME '((LAMBDA (X . Y) ...) ...)))
    => (RUN-SCHEME '((LAMBDA (X #74514) ...)
    sprinter loses on dotted pair!

Actually, not all dotted pairs, just under certain special cases where
it was forgetting to look for non-null termination of list.

btw, you realize of course the only reason you didn't get 

((LAMBDA (X #74514 EXPR (LAMBDA (X) ...)) ...) ...)

is probably that Y didn't have a property list! In any case, I think I
found the bug. Boy is the Grindef package an ugly file. Proves you need more
than just a grinder to win with lisp! In any case, the fix is on my dir
right now. I have another bug I am trying to track down and when I get that
fixed I will release it to the world.