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    Date: 11 October 1981 15:52-EDT
    From: Kent M. Pitman <KMP at MIT-MC>
    (STATUS HSNAME) on EE seems to return (STATUS UDIR) and 
    not (STATUS USERID). This is a long-standing bug which
    has probably been reported before. It deserves to be
    fixed since it's probably trivial and would be very useful
    to a lot of people if it worked right.
Actually, it happens that (STATUS HOMEDIR) was returning (STATUS UDIR)
rather than (STATUS USERID), and in all reasonable cases, (STATUS HSNAME)
turns into (STATUS HOMEDIR).  So I've just edited in the source to
have (STATUS HOMEDIR) return (STATUS USERID) -- hopefully this will
keep people happy who write transportable code, since the concept
of HSNAME is an ITS term that only weakly transports to Twenex.