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"LIBLSP;DUMPGC" has a function (GENERATE-LOCK-REPORT) which by
default generates the file "LISP;LOCK REPORT" from the file "LISP;LOCK MAIL"
in the required format. Files which do not exist are marked with a "*"

This should save you some time. Can you do something that will
save me some time? Can you dump out a COMPLR form me on a BARE MACLISP,
that is one with NO MACROS, NO SOURCE-TRANS, of any kind?
I'm looking for a bare complr environment, like one would want
to dump out a RABBIT or other compiler built on maclisp.

I've calculated that I can dump a macsyma-compiler on such a COMPLR,
but there is no way I can do it with the present COMPLR, with all
the macros and stuff like EXTSR and DEFVSY loaded. (Whatever they are).