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SELECTQ using = or EQ, and ARRAYP

    Date: 16 July 1981 03:26-EDT
    From: alan,gsb at MIT-MC
    To: BUG-LISP at MIT-MC
    1) The selectq macro in UMLMAC is busted.  Try something like:
    (selectq foo ((1 2 a) t) (t nil))
    And watch it compare symbols with =.
Fixed now.  Prior to this buggy state, it produced a CASEQ, which insists
on either symbols or numbers, but not mixtures thereof.
    2) How about putting an ARRAYP function or macro somwhere.  It seems
    that ALL the other lisps in the world have this function (even
Ok, there is a little subr version of ARRAYP in the MLMAC file now, but
it will take some time to decide how to "connect" it up -- putting an
initial autoload property would seem fine, next time that's possible!