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I was watching my job FORTRN (which is a fortran->lisp translator running
in lisp using only functions that i have defined and lisp system functions)
from peek as it groveled away over a translation when suddenly it opened
a filename (for "R" mode) called EMACS;[RMAI] <n> where <n> was a number I
don't recall. It stayed long enuf that I am sure that it was my job referencing
the file and that it mode it was referencing it was R ... the thing is that
I have checked and the atoms EMACS and [RMAI] don't occur in the OBARRAY
and they don't occur in any of my code. The file I was reading from didn't
have them in it, and I don't explode these atoms out of thin air! What does
the reference to said file -- or if no one knows, maybe I can recreate it
if I knew what breakpoints to set to trap all file i/o in a lisp ...?
-- i was very confused... 
(additional -- files were running compiled in the new complr, but jonl claims
there is nothing special about these atoms in the complr...)
sigh. --kmp