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Or do people think it is ok for all programs that look for inits
to have to look the person up in inquir?

Another alternative is to have a special file on (INIT) which
you use to specify hsname.  Then, to find FOO's init, look
for (INIT);FOO HSNAME, read its contents to find BAR,
then look for BAR;.LISP. FOO.  Note that this doesn't use .HSNAME.
It does seem as if the hsname may not really be a workable idea,
when combined with $^S.  Or, perhaps $^S should set the next program's
.hsname to corrspond to what it puts in that program's .xuname,
by looking on (INIT) or in inquir.

RWK, I wish you wouldn't get so emotional about any message I send.
My message was hardly comdemning you (it agreed with part and disagreed
with part), so you shouldn't have taken it as such.