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From:     RBR@MIT-AI
Date: Sun, 15 May 78 21:14:59 GMT
Original-Date: 05/15/78 17:14:59 EDT
Subject: Re:  PURIFY
    To: HIC at MIT-AI, GLS at MIT-AI
    How does the change to extensible UUOLINKS affect the procedure outlined inthe
    old blue manual for computing arguments to PURIFY.  There, one allocated
    a finite number of pages for UUO links and carefully avoided including them
    in the range of BPS to be purified.  Is this now unnecessary?  Do UUO links have
    their own space?

Ah, yes, unfourtunatly, I suspect this was an oversight on my part not
explaining how the procedure would change.  The calculations are no longer
necessary.  The uuolinks segments are now allocated one LISP segment at a
time from both the impure and pure storage areas.  The LISP system keeps track
of which pages are pure and which are impure when using this means
(the pages are no longer allocated out of BPS) and therefore
(PURIFY 0 0 'BPORG) is garunteed to purify the pure area of the uuolinks
segments.  BTW, do you have a pure system? (I want to get a handle on the
number of pure systems around in terms of the impact that (SSTATUS FLUSH T)
might have...)