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 05-May-78  1641	EAK at MIT-MC (Earl A. Killian)    
Date: Fri, 5 May 78 23:40:00 GMT
Original-Date: 5 MAY 1978 1940-EDT
From: EAK at MIT-MC (Earl A. Killian)

How about a symbol which controls whether things are uppercased by
the reader.  Sort of like *nopoint for symbols.  Thus with this
flag T if I typed "foo" I would get something different from "Foo".

You can try something like this, which, I believe, is the better way to
control this action in principle:

(DEFUN LOWER () (DO ((I 141 (1+ I)))
		    ((LESSP 172 I))
		    (SETSYNTAX I 2 I)))
(DEFUN UPPER () (DO ((I 141 (1+ I)))
		    ((LESSP 172 I))
		    (SETSYNTAX I 2 (- I 40))))