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    Date:  8 DEC 1980 1617-EST
    From: GJC at MIT-MC (George J. Carrette)
    Would it be possible to have DEFUN put
         (*EXPR FOOBAR)) ; or *FEXPR or *LEXPR or whatever.
    into the FASL files?
I don't think that it is DEFUN's place to decide that this is
desirable, since it is the lowest-level primitive we have for
creating function definitions.  (I'm often not sure DEFVAR is the
right thing, it propagates things too strongly many times.)  The
compiler could have the capability of deriving this information from
its environment.  It already goes about it halfway, in a kind of
half-assed way, in that it ignores the functional property but uses
the ARGS.  I also think, however, that it shouldn't die so horribly
when what it thinks it knows about something doesn't agree with what
was used (ever been screwed because you are changing the definition
of a function which is loaded in your compilation environment to take
a different number of arguments?)