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    Date: 20 December 1979 10:35-EST
    From: Robert W. Kerns <RWK at MIT-MC>
    Sender: ___006 at MIT-MC

    I went to send mail, and found .MAIL.; completely full of an incredible
    number of messages to CARI complaining that font such-and-such was missing
    and that it used font 0 instead.  There were about 120 of these messages,
    all sent within a short period.  Presumably it stopped sending them because
    the directory filled; at any rate that's why COMSAT crashed.

    There's probably a bug or horrible misfeature there you want to do something

Yes, it is a bug in the new LISP.  I will let you know more when I track it
down.  The same fasl files loaded into OL don't exhibit this behavior.  It is
really not possible to write users programs which are completely robust in
handling all possible lossage that LISP maintainers might put into the LISP
system.  Maybe the LISP maintainers should try to debug their code more thoroughly
before releasing it?