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gc overflow

From:     WJL@MIT-ML
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 80 14:21:31 GMT
Original-Date: 06/23/80 10:21:31 EDT
    Lisp 1997 won't load my big list, 1917 and whatever we were using last
    week loads it fine. (I tried 1917 today, so it's not the file.)
    The list is wjl1;doseq 5 and when I load it into 1997 with just my init
    (wjl;wjl lisp) it gives a list storage capacity exceeded error.
I just loaded up wjl1;doseq 5 into 1997, but omitted the part of your
init file which loads in LIBLSP;GCDEMN.  I suspect there is some untoward
action with this particular DAEMON - if you do you own pre-alloc, say,
    (ALLOC '(LIST  (28000. 32000.) FLONUM (3100. 3500.)))
you will win.