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    Date: 9 May 1980 08:07-EDT
    From: "Guy L. Steele, Jr." <GLS at MIT-AI>
    ALFL6B+1/   .IOT A     a,>[Return]
    I.e., there's a channel number missing.
Yea, thanks for finding this one - this is the reason why a JCL-specified
"INIT" file which is missing caused LISP to undergo a "execution" death
by DDT rather than a graceful "resignation".  The real culprit was the
fact that the label ALFL6B had been moved (who knows when?), for the
channel number was to have been filled in by some other ALLOC code.
The fix should really be
	%ALLOC+70/   DPB T,127614 [Tab] 270400,,ALFL6B  Q+1[Return]
I've patched the dumps, and edited the source.