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How to use old-style keyboards on Lisp Machines.

Since some of the Lisp Machines still have old-style keyboards, here is
an explanation of how to type some of the new keys on the old keyboards.

To get:		Type:		What it is:
ABORT		TOP/CALL	Asynchronously THROWs out of all functions
				  running in the current process, and restarts
				  the process from its initial function.
CLEAR-INPUT	CLEAR		Flush unread characters (in the rubout-handler
CLEAR-SCREEN	FORM		Erase or refresh the selected window.
END		TOP/RETURN	Marks the end of input to some programs.
HELP		TOP/H		Gets help, sometimes...
MACRO		BACKNEXT	Invokes keyboard macros in the Editor
				  and Zmail.
OVER-STRIKE	BS		Overstrike characters.
SYSTEM		TOP/ESC		Select a window of a specified type.
				   Type SYSTEM HELP for help.
TERMINAL	ESC		Various terminal functions.
				   Type TERMINAL HELP for help.

HOLD-OUTPUT (used with TERMINAL) and QUOTE (used by the Inspector)
are not availible on the old keyboards.

More details can be found in the window system documentation written
by Allan Wechsler; this is not published yet but bootleg copies
are floating around.