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    Date: Mon ,22 Sep 80 00:16:00 EDT
    From: XCONOS at MIT-AI (Alec Destry)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI

    In system 44.1, with microcode 692, on LISP Machine Six:

    (defflavor foo ((foo-value nil))() :initable-instance-variables)

    (defflavor foo1 ()(foo)
      (:default-init-plist :foo-value 1))

    (setq foo-instance (instantiate-flavor 'foo1 nil))
    (<- foo-instance ':eval-inside-yourself 'foo-value) => nil

    shouldn't foo-value be 1 because of the default-init-plist in the flavor definition of

You aren't giving instantiate-flavor the correct arguments.  The second argument
is supposed to be a plist; NIL is not a plist.  Note that a plist is NOT a list
of indicators and values.  A plist is something suitable to give to GET and PUTPROP;
typically it is LOCF of a variable whose value is such a list.  Your example case
smashes the property list of the symbol NIL as well as not working.