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cadr5 down

i took cadr5 down to process into it a number of small ECOs that have
accumulated. i put ECOs into the IOB and DC, changed some sips
in the LMTV and the xbus terminator, and redid some cabling which
required taking the BUSINT out. now cadr5 doesn't seem to want to
work. i tried power cycling the disk (no change). then i followed 
the suggestion from RG on top of the cadr5 console to run 
cadr:(cc-run-mtest) from cadr3; this caused cadr3 to SLEEP 
intermittently and zeroed the cadr5 leds, but didn't help. also tried 
(cadr:cc-run-mtest), which said Main memory 0K then started SLEEPing 
like the previous iteration; this also zeroed the leds but didn't help
either.  in all cases, when cadr5 gets coldbooted the leds read 0.0313
all the boards and cables seem to be securely in.

no one with knowledge about how to fix this is around, so i am going to
turn the console power off again and leave things and hope someone
with such expertise will turn up tmw.