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Quick but unofficial answer to your question


[No doubt you will get an official answer to this question later.  However, as it
may not be for a while, i decided to throw my $0.002 in.  Hope no one minds.  -dhd]

Actually, telnet on the lisp machine doesn't support supdup_output; the closest
you can get is to say (telnet 'multics t), which will emulate an IMLAC.  If
Multics EMACS has support for IMLACs, then you're all set (but with only about
3/4 the normal LISPM screen size).

Unfortunatly, I wouldn't tend to think that Multics EMACS would support them
because the only ones I know of are connected to ITS and therefore supported through

Unfortunatly for you, I don't think many people who use lisp machines use Multics 
frequently enough to justify putting Multics-specific code in their telnet program.
Note that there is precious little incentive to do this because the supdup_output
code on ITS works quite well (or so I've heard).

If you're addicted to the large screen size of the LISP machine and/or can't find a free
TV, you can always supdup to AI and telnet to Multics.  This is somewhat less efficient 
then streight telnet, but better then no supdup at all.

				- David