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Re: defstruct query

(Sorry about the empty message I just sent to you all, but this
keyboard has a key labeled "CALL" in the upper right corner that sends
a control-C.)

Does anyone use the obscure feature of defstruct where if you say:

(defstruct (foo)
	   ((mumble 1010 234 (mumble-a mumble-b mumble-c))))

defstruct expands into code including:

(setq mumble-a 0
      mumble-b 1
      mumble-c 2)


I would like to flush this bit of syntax in favor of allowing a
keyword options list in each slot (so you can specify type information
etc. in an entendable way).  I can still support the feature if anyone
really insists, but it would be nice in any case if they could be
convinced to convert their defstructs to a new format.

(I suspect there may be a better way of solving whatever problem this
feature is addressing anyway, so I would like to hear from whoever is
using it.)