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In system 37.1, with microcode 684, on LISP Machine Seven:

There is no easy way for me to get my hands on a process and run EH on
it.  The process is the editor, which was looping.

I suppose there is some variable which contains it but I can't guess the
name, and it is hard to find it if I can't use the editor.  In any case,
it should not be necessary to know it.  It should be possible to do this\n from the PEEK W mode display, or from the system menu.

One problem is that if I type CALL to get a Lisp listener, for some
reason the editor process is no longer active.  Maybe this is a feature,
but it means I can't find the process on ACTIVE-PROCESSES.

If the PEEK W mode made it easy to get a window out and operate on it
with Lisp code, that would be more useful.  Perhaps PEEK W mode really
ought to live in the inspect window rather than in PEEK.  I might have
been able to find it with the inspector after several steps, but I
didn't know where to start.  In any case, a display of the window hierarchy
with each window available for inspection would be a useful addition to
the inspector.

I'm sure a person familiar enough with the insides of NWS could have
found it, but I don't think that is the answer.