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Non-standard toplevel printing

I have found it extremely convenient to use a non-standard toplevel printer
(because my program throws around a lot of structures, only one field of
which i usually want to see).  I setq PRIN1 to my special printer to do
this (this printer is able to inspect things recursively to tell what to do).
This is very nice.

Unfortunately, setting PRIN1 does not seem to affect what printer is used
in the toplevel of the debugger, or by TRACE to print out argument values,
or any number of other system utilities.  It would be very nice if some
of these would listen to PRIN1 or some other switch -- especially the
toplevel in the debugger.

I tried just redefining the function definition of PRIN1, but got myself
into an infinite wedge because my special printer eventually falls through
to PRIN1 -- I suppose on loading time I could have the special printer
gobble the old definition and hide it away, but this seems a little unmodular
and prone to error if the printer is loaded twice.

Any advice and suggestions appreciated -- Thanks, Chuck.