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In system 29.95 NWS, with microcode 669, on LISP Machine Seven:

I have twice got "Response over control connection was for wrong channel"
in simple file operations in ZWEI.

If some one will write down what information I ought to extract when
this happens, I will be glad to obey.

Suggestion: an error handler command which writes the
error message and a backtrace into a file and mails it
to BUG-LISPM.  For reliability, this could open a chaosnet
connection to a special simple server.  Then it would not
be screwed by any lossage in the file system.
Individual error condition names could specify that this
be done automatically, and could also contain functions to
print out any other interesting data.  The bug report server
could also supply forms to print out data on the basis
of the error condition name.