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CC: GLS at MIT-AI, (BUG LISP) at MIT-AI, nil at MIT-MC

I have made two changes to FORMAT for the LISP Machine only.
The changes have been documented in LMMAN;FD.STR >, and in
the FORMAT documentation string in the code.

(1) ~:| performs a :CLEAR-SCREEN operation on the output stream,
    if that stream supports that operation.  Otherwise it behaves
    just like ~|, outputting n formfeeds.  (This at the request of HES.)

(2) In the ~<...~:;...~> construction, if a second numeric parameter is given
    to the ~:;, it is the width of the line and is used instead of the stream's
    claimed line width, if any.  (Recall that the first numeric parameter
    is a number to be subtracted from the width before doing the comparison.)
    Also, to make this work, I modified FORMAT-STRING-STREAM to support the
    READ-CURSORPOS operation in a half-assed way: it just searches back from
    the end of the string-so-far for a return, linefeed, or form, and calls
    that distance the x cursorpos, and always says y=0.  This makes ~<...~:;...~>
    to a string work.  Tabs will mess everything up, however; it isn't smart.

    Also, to make this work when you are dribbling to a file, I modified the
    code for DRIBBLE-IO to support READ-CURSORPOS also, by passing the buck
    to the previous I/O stream.

Both FORMAT and DRIBBL have been recompiled.