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    Date: 21 May 1980 23:26-EDT
    From: Carl W. Hoffman <CWH at MIT-MC>
    Subject: Ugliness ...
	WGD@MIT-MC 05/21/80 06:32:07 Re: Ugliness ...
	    I think this referencing of unused "vestigials" as opposed to 
    .  .  .  
It should be pretty trivial to implement, in all systems (LMLisp, 
Multics maclisp, PDP10 maclisp)  a simple DECLAREation for IGNORE, with
the same scoping and utility of the current SPECIAL declaration;
note that this is not the same as an & keyword.  The distinction
come when one consideres the rather optional, advisory nature of
IGNORE (simply not see some warning message), and the "hard-core"
nature of &OPTIONAL and &REST (etc.).  While there is no conceivable
purpose to be served by trying to bind (), and it should be permissible
as an "ignored variable", the local declaration form allows ignored
variables with mnemonic content;  I'd be happy to do it in maclisp
(has already been done in the NIL compiler) - would take hardly 10
minutes -  would there be cooperation from the other places?