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A suggestion for ZWEI

(ZWEI:SAVE-ALL-FILES) is a win. I suggest that another function also be
defined, one that doesn't attempt any interaction with the window system
and can be used from the cold load stream, with minimum console
interaction.  This function should basically dump all modified buffers
into one large file with some mnemonic name (like <UDIR>;ZWEI LOSS)
where the buffers are separated by a mode line indicating what buffer it
is. In this way if a dead machine can be brought back to life, an
attempt can be made to dump the modified buffers without possibly
overwriting a good (but old version) of a file with utter gubbish (in
the even the buffer wasn't in any reasonable state). 

I know that ">" and version number should make this unnecessary but:

1) Not everybody had a directory and uses ">" (not a good argument)

2) Sometimes I encounter and resurect a machine that was left as
   hopeless by the previous user. I am hesitant to write his files
   out because he might not know that I did so, and I might write out
   a bad copy... If ZWEI LOSS (maybe the "LOSS" should be replaced by
   <UNAME> for USERSn) showed up the user in question could notice it,
   and peruse it to see if he wants anything. 

I suggest this function be named EMERGENCY-SAVE-BUFFERS or some such
name to indicate its bailing out nature...