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In system 26.3, with microcode 618, on LISP Machine Two:
I tried to generate some objects of type DTP-SELECT-METHOD by using code similar
to that in DEFSELECT.  Everything worked fine, except that if none of the keys
matched, rather than calling the function whose FEF pointer was (cdr (last object)),
I got an error "Wrong argument type for APPLY, it expected a CONS" with the
offender being (cdr (last object)).  The only difference I could find between what
I do and what DEFSELECT does is that DEFSELECT does a defun and puts a symbol
at the end of the list, whereas I put an actual FEF pointer.  Normally apply
is happy with a FEF pointer as its first argument: is the situation different
in this case?  If so, I would consider it a bug.