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    Date: Sat ,8 Dec 79 02:17:00 EDT
    From: HOBBIT at MIT-AI (John C. Gonzalez)
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In system 21.6, with microcode 604, on LISP Machine Five:
      Telenet has problems going from a LISP machine to Multics.
    Telenet apparently will work for MC and XX.  Although the connection
    is initiated and at first appears to work, as soon as you type a character
    a background process buffer (window) pops up into which you can't type anything
    until you reset it.

The bug here is that it is doing local echoing since Multics won't
echo itself, but the echoing is coming out on STANDARD-OUTPUT instead
of the Telnet window.  Someone should correct this.