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    JLK@MIT-MC (Sent by JLK0@MIT-MC) 11/12/79 18:17:45
    Would someone please fix the LISP machine software in general, and SI:FILE-USER-ID-HSNAME
    in specific, not to have the string "AI" compiled in as the machine to use.  This
    makes LISP machines unusable when AI is down which is a screw for users that
    have most of their files on MC.  Also, it is all going to have to be changed
    when the file computer exists, so why not generalize it now.
"AI" is only the default argument to that function, all the callers i know about give it
the correct machine.  Doing (LOGIN'MMCM'MC) works completely for me.  If you don't say
"MC", then it has to assume some default of course, and that is "AI" for the time being.