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    From: BIL@MIT-MC
    Date: 01/21/82 18:11:59

    BIL@MIT-MC 01/21/82 18:11:59
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In System 78.44, ZMail 38.5, microcode 840, on Lisp Machine Fifteen:

    (apropos 'stream 'zwei) and wait for a *more* and then type break.
    At this point:

    () => GLOBAL:NIL

    Most other symbols, e.g. T, package etc. get trapped upon evaluation.

This is not a bug.  If you break in the middle of a program that has special
variables bound (in this case PACKAGE), you should expect to be in the middle
of that program, not at top level.  It is a bug that the who-line didn't
display something in the package field, to tell you that the package
was different than what it had been; I guess NIL must mean something special
to the who-line routine.