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    kmp@MIT-MC 01/14/82 04:32:29
    To: (BUG LISPM) at MIT-AI
    In System 78.33, ...

    Why is there no (PRINTF "...")? That would be a great utility to have around.
    I hate having to do System-E and M-X View File ... COPYF would be useful, too.
    Presumably COPYF would be like PRINTF except it would expect a filename to
    open and then would PRINTF the file to the stream. PRINTF would take an optional
    already-open stream.
There is already (FS:VIEWF file &optional output-stream), which views a
file.  It wouldn't really serve as a copier, however, because it does
:FRESH-LINE first.  I am working on a copying subsystem...

It is my opinion that VIEWF should be in global.  When I proposed that a
while ago, however, few agreed.