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Re: new open keywords?

It would be nice if OPEN accepted a keyword called something like :SAFE
or :DONT-CLOBBER along with a :OUT keyword which would complain if the 
file existed and prompt for a new name to use instead...

Also, as nearly as I can tell, the file opened is either always or never
a temporary filename. An option that says to open as a temporary and 
rename when a close operation is done would also be a win. I don't mean
temporary in the Twenex sense, I mean it in the _LSPM_ OUTPUT sense...
(If this is already the default (which I suspect it is not), I don't see doc
on how you can keep it from happening.) Presumably WITH-OPEN-FILE would
set things up so that the kind of close it did on these sorts of files would
be a failing close and you would have to explicitly close the file in order
to win...