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    Your proposed System 2 L command seems to have extremely limited benefit
    to the user.  First, it would be usually be hard to predict what it would
    do; it is not apparent from any easy-to-see visual display at all just
    which window would appear.  
Worse than, eg, Terminal 3 S?
				Secondly, it is only one more keystroke to
    just type System L System L, and since you can do this with one finger
    poised over each key, the latter keystroke sequence is probably easier
    to type despite being slightly longer.
As I tried to say in my note, it has little to do with keystrokes.  I
typed System 2 L because I knew I wanted System L System L, except tha
the latter would screw me by temporarily exposing a fullscreen listener
and consequently deexposing small windows containing debugging info.

However, you are right that it is a very minor deficiency.