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format of (status features)

cc: BSG at MIT-ML

The maclisp manual claims that (car (last (status features))) is
the implementation name.  I have also been under the impression
that (cadr (reverse (status features))) was itself significant, ie
the "machine identifier" or somesuch (eg "ML"), but i don't have
an old manual handy to see if it actually claims this.  I see however
that multics maclisp now has "Maclisp" as the last element, and the
lisp machine uses neither of those last elements.  It would be kind
of nice if these items could be found by some means other than 
   ITS people:  Can't there be some hack so that the machine name
will be correct if a dumped lisp is transported?  Like making the last
two cons cells pure, so that SHAREP will make it be correct?