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Thought you might want to read this.....

Date: 30 Sep 1979 1650-PDT
From: Mark Crispin <Admin.MRC at SU-SCORE>
Subject: Mark Miller's comments about LISP compatability
To: Miller at MIT-AI, RWK at MIT-MC, Bug-LISP at MIT-AI

I must agree with Mark whole-heartedly on this point.  I get questions
all the time from WAITS MACLISP users who are using SCORE MACLISP for
the first time which I cannot answer at all.  Fortunately, the two
versions aren't that skew, but a manual would be damned useful.  I'm
sure too that it would help the proliferation of LISPM's greatly if you
could access them via the Arpanet rather than having to be at 545 Tech
Sq.  It would certainly end the rumors from self-appointed experts about
the LISPM's performance, etc.

I hate to say it, but INTERLISP is winning out at Stanford, despite
efforts by a small group of people (including me) to keep MACLISP alive.
INTERLISP eats SCORE alive when somebody's running it, and when there
are multiple INTERLISPs you don't even want to log in unless you're in
an independent pie-slice.  [Of course, I should add that SCORE was
purchased to run INTERLISP]